It’s a bit overwhelming for new players to jump into the World Series of Poker Main Event. Here are five things you should know before getting started.

The World Series of Poker is the largest poker tournament in the world. It has become an American institution, but it was actually founded by a Brit named Sir John Hargrave. Learn five tips for new players that are hoping to cash their first WSOP main event chips today!

The “wsop main event strategy” is a list of 5 tips for new players in the World Series of Poker Main Event.

The World Series of Poker Main Event is regarded as the pinnacle of poker tournaments. Any player in the globe may compete against the greatest in the game for $10,000. 

The competition, which lasts over a week, is not for the faint of heart. For gamers who aren’t accustomed to putting in lengthy hours, it might be exhausting.

The only survivor will be rewarded with poker renown and an unique gold bracelet, as well as a large payout. On Thursday, the first of six beginning flights for the Main Event begins.

It might be daunting for first-time players entering the arena. With that in mind, USPoker presents some simple time and energy-saving strategies.

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1 – Arrive in Las Vegas early. 

Jet lag might be a major issue depending on where a player is coming in from. The last thing a player wants is to be psychologically exhausted before even beginning the game.

Arrive a few days early in Las Vegas to avoid jet lag. This will not only help you get to know the place, but it will also assist your body to adjust to the time difference.

Allowing your body to adjust to time shifts might take up to 48 hours for most individuals. This is also why some NFL teams arrive days before their game in their next destination. Allow your body to emotionally and physically refresh by arriving early. 

2 – Research approach

It’s never too late to study at a training facility or read a strategy book; it’s never too late to have a plan. Learning something new may go a long way and mean the difference between winning and losing. 

Jonathan Little, a World Poker Tour winner, talked with USPoker about his ideas on WSOP Main Event strategy.

“It’s critical to understand how your unique opponent will react to your wagers,” explains Little, the owner of “When playing against world-class players, it’s common to aim to play as close to GTO [game theory optimization] as possible since you never know what blunders they’ll make.

“You should alter your tactics against opponents whose flaws are obvious to you in order to take advantage of their mistakes.” If you know someone will almost always fold to a 1.25x pot river bet but will call against a pot sized bet, you may want to use a 1.25x pot bet to significantly over-bluff. Figure out what your opponents are doing wrong and exploit it.” 


3 – Make a reservation in advance.

At the Rio, registration is almost always open. A player’s best chance is to arrive a day early to register. Don’t stand in queues and waste your time. Arriving in the cage before 9 a.m. is usually a good bet. 

If a player has never visited the Rio before, this is a great way to acquire a sense for the place. Make a point of finding all of the casino’s restrooms. When the lines are 100 players deep, this will come in useful. 

Players must be vaccinated and present the CLEAR app when registering for the first time in 2021. Check to see whether the app is “green” and ready to use. The last thing any gamer wants is to be turned away due to a lack of sufficient paperwork. 

4 – Eat a balanced diet 

The Main Event takes place over the course of a week and includes several lengthy days. Players must save as much energy as they can. This involves staying hydrated and eating a balanced diet.

Players will be able to remain mentally alert if they eat well. Reduce the amount of sugar in your diet and minimize the amount of heavy carbs you consume. 

Snacks like as protein bars and non-sugary trail mix may help gamers get through the day. Put some food in your poker bag to satisfy any hunger pangs you could have throughout those lengthy levels.

Every night, the players are treated to a long meal break. The idea is to stay away from starchy carbohydrates. When you return to the table after eating a large serving of spaghetti or pizza, you will be exhausted. When the game restarts, eating a good meal helps the body remain focused. 

Now is the time to get your $10 for joining WSOP NJ.


On your first deposit, you will get $50 free.

On deposit, you may get a 100% match up to $1,000.

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5 – Get enough sleep

Set a bedtime for yourself and stick to it. Every night, the Main Event will conclude at the same hour. Save your drinking and partying until the final night. 

“The Main Event is the best-structured tournament in the world,” says Ben Beahm, a poker player from Bellmawr, New Jersey. “But you have to remain sharp.” “Not getting enough sleep might cause a rapid deterioration and contribute to poor decision-making.”

It might be difficult to fall asleep after a workout, particularly if your adrenaline is pumping. The majority of casinos feature a fitness facility or gym. Lifting weights or going for a quick jog will help you burn off some of that energy.

Before going to bed, try to prevent distractions by putting down your phone. To reduce noise in the hotel, close the window blinds and put on the air conditioner. One of the most difficult aspects of completing the distance in the Main Event is maintaining mental strength. You’ll need as much rest as you can get. 


The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the most prominent poker event. Despite the fact that everyone is there to win, the trick is to take it all in and enjoy yourself. Players offer themselves the greatest chance of going far by remaining mentally strong and having a game plan.

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The “best way to study poker” is a question that many new players in the World Series of Poker Main Event ask. There are a few ways that can be done, but they all have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to prepare for the wsop?

A: I would recommend you to play Beat Saber before hand, also make sure that your equipment is still in good condition.

How hard is WSOP main event?

A: WSOP main event is on the same difficulty as blackjack, which means it has a high probability of being solved in under five hours.

How do you enter the WSOP main event?

A: You can enter through the qualifier tournaments, or you can get in by winning a satellite.

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