One of the largest online poker sites in North America has been accused of missing millions from player accounts. The company responded to these accusations with a statement, but did not give any concrete evidence for where the money went. Allegations have also surfaced that new players are being barred from playing even though they deposited a lot of cash and may be owed some winnings

The “americas cardroom rigged 2021” is a scandal that has surfaced. It alleges that the company America’s Cardroom may have taken some of its player funds and given it to the owner, Chris Moneymaker.

Accusations Surface of Missing Funds at Offshore Poker Site America’s Cardroom

Players at the offshore online poker site Americas Cardroom (ACR) had thousands of dollars taken from their accounts, according to reports.

The first complaints came from Poker Fraud Alert on March 13, with one player reporting an incident. He claimed that his account had been hacked and that about $9,000 had been stolen from it. The player claimed that he received an email informing him of a withdrawal that he had never approved.

After failing to receive assistance from ACR security, the player resorted to Twitter to explain the issue.

“Some potentially very dodgy stuff (may) be going on inside the site,” the person said. “I’m quite sure everybody I’m tagging in this post has nothing to do with this.” I’m only trying to get the information out so that this doesn’t happen to anybody else. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had this happen to them on ACR in the previous few months.”



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ACR is an offshore site situated in Costa Rica that provides players in the United States online poker and other types of online gambling. In any lawful US market, however, the site is uncontrolled.

The athlete who first revealed the incident said he got an email two to three minutes before the withdrawal. The user, however, was required to click on those links in order to approve the withdrawal, which he claims he did not do.

No one else had signed into the player’s email account, and he hadn’t reset or changed his ACR password. 

6) Any skilled hacker may easily exploit it and overcome it. Support responded by email, locking my account for a few days for security reasons so that I could update my email, then reopening it and requiring me to reset my password. (cont)

March 22, 2022 — GambleGamble (@ WasAllADream)

The gamer was irritated because ACR security had just frozen his account and required him to change his password. Todd Witteles, the proprietor of Poker Fraud Alert, subsequently stated that the player’s account had been credited the $9,000 after the site made the breach public.

Witteles suspected that the hack may have been caused by a corporate employee.

“I think it extremely improbable that ACR would have reimbursed this person over $8,800 out of their own wallets if the ‘breach’ was due to his own incapacity to keep his account or computer safe!” he said in the site’s forums. “It seems that security determined that this was an inside operation (a “breaching incident”), thus they returned the money to the man.”

Similar instances have been reported by others.

It’s unclear if the event was caused by someone on the inside of the firm. Following the initial event, Witteles said that he had received similar allegations from other players.

“With the exception of one unusual incident when a person placed $247 and it was instantly taken and stolen,” he wrote, “all of them involve sums ranging from $9,000 to $20,000.” “Weirdly, they didn’t touch the $68 he had in his account before the deposit.”

“They all have very similar circumstances – no password change, no email breach, and no indication that anything is wrong.” “All of a sudden, a Bitcoin withdrawal is made, and they’re out of money.”

In certain situations, the site credited the monies back to the gamers’ accounts. Others were yet to get their money back. Witteles took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction with the situation.

Multiple complaints of ACR accounts being hacked and money being withdrawn through Bitcoin continue to arrive in my inbox. This looks to be an inside operation, and the victims are being targeted for $9k to $20k apiece. Some have been reimbursed, while others have not. To be safe, get a substantial amount of money off right now.

RT for raising awareness

April 5, 2022 — Todd Witteles (@ToddWitteles)

Some gamers reacted to Witteles by saying they’d had similar problems. When the allegations were made public, several people said they withdrew their money. Some customers wondered why the corporation didn’t implement two-factor authentication for withdrawals.

ACR has yet to respond.

ACR has not issued an official statement on the matter as of Tuesday. Phil Nagy, the company’s CEO, has likewise remained silent on the allegations.

USPoker sent an email to the corporation seeking comment on the reported security issues, but has yet to hear back. If ACR authorities reply, USPoker will update this article with their views.

“Something is going on here,” Witteles said on Poker Fraud Alert about the site’s most recent incident. “I don’t think management has anything to do with it.” My assumption is that one or more rogue workers have a technique to get access to accounts without knowing the password – or can view the passwords in some manner.”

This isn’t the first time that gamers have complained about ACR’s security or game play. Several gamers complained in 2020 about numerous technical issues with the site’s cards.

Some players were unable to view river cards, while others were never handed cards during a tournament. Other grievances included:

  • In Texas Hold’em, you only get one card.
  • A “misdeal” hand — a rare occurrence in online poker.
  • In Seven Card Stud, incorrect pot splits reward a losing player. Hi/Lo.
  • Bots and players who don’t have a screen name.
  • Suspension of tournaments at random.

The most recent incident emphasizes the significance of playing in a legal, controlled setting. Online poker and gambling are controlled on a state-by-state basis in the United States.

Legalized online poker is now available in five states in the United States:

Online poker has also been authorized in West Virginia and Connecticut, although no businesses have yet to join the market. Many stakeholders are hopeful that interstate compacts would enable states to pool their resources for pooled liquidity in 2022. This would result in more players and greater prize pools.

America’s Cardroom is an online poker site that has been in operation since 2006. Recently, accusations surfaced of missing funds and the company denied any wrongdoing. Reference: americas cardroom review 2021.

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