Acres Manufacturing, a leading gaming company and developer of casino games announces the launch of their Foundation App Store. The app store provides access to over 100 free-to-play slots and table games titles on all devices including PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Acres Manufacturing, a company that creates casino software and mobile apps, has launched the “acres technology gaming” app store. The app store is for companies who want to create their own apps for use on the Acres Gaming Platform.

Acres Manufacturing Launches Foundation App Store

2 FEBRUARY 2022, LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Acres Manufacturing Company (“Acres”), a major casino loyalty and technology provider, has launched the Foundation App Store, an open-to-all environment that lets any developer to create apps for any slot machine or table game that uses Acres’ FoundationTM casino management system technology. The Foundation App Store allows casino owners to effortlessly integrate the latest content from developers through an open API, allowing them to respond to changing customer preferences swiftly.

Casinos only pay for the program, not the interface, when using the open API. Casinos may now be required to acquire the same interface for any program they choose to purchase. Many casinos are unable to install new software due to this stumbling block, denying them more income and profits.

Another notable distinction from the Foundation Program Store is that Acres permits any app, regardless of whether it competes with current or future Acres apps. Legacy systems often demand fees for any interaction with competing solutions.

The Foundation App Store now has 17 developers, all of which have had their apps vetted and verified as Foundation Compatible by Acres. Reporting, analytics, cashless gaming, bonusing, and other categories are among the first uses.

“The Foundation Program Store is a marketplace that allows casinos to choose whatever app they want with the assurance of security and compatibility,” stated Acres Manufacturing’s Noah Acres. “By exposing our standard API documentation, we’re enabling any developer to produce content on the Foundation platform.” Developers, casino operators, and gaming customers will benefit from this strategy since it will foster the latest technology and content for consumers. We are certain that the platform’s increased speed of deployment and wider range of applications will significantly increase earnings for casino operators.”


FoundationTM is a first-of-its-kind casino management solution that gives casinos real-time slot machine data and a direct link to any slot machine’s credit meter. FoundationTM offers casinos with over 1000x more data, allowing them to monitor and impact player behavior in new ways. Any casino-approved application may connect to Foundation through its standard APIs to provide sophisticated data analytics, bonusing, cashless gaming, and more.

Developers are unable to contribute new material to legacy casino management systems due to limited APIs. This business model, according to Acres, has hampered the industry’s development by limiting casinos’ capacity to improve their offerings to match consumer needs, which the Company thinks is a major factor in the significant aging of the casino client demography.

Any developer who wants to construct an application that interacts with FoundationTM may use Acres’ standard APIs. Before being featured on the Foundation App Store, applications are tested and certified. Casinos are relieved of the need of paying interface fees to connect desired apps since developers set their own price.

Acres Manufacturing has launched a new app store called the “Foundation App Store”. The Foundation App Store is for apps that are not available on other app stores. The company says that it will help to increase revenue and reduce development costs. Reference: acres technology stock.

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