The Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a lawsuit on behalf of Kambi, alleging that the company violated US law by collecting sensitive information from players without their knowledge or consent. In response to these allegations, Kenney denied all charges and confirmed they will work with the EFF as they continue investigations into current practices.

The “characteristics of a cheating woman” is a concern that people have been having. In this article, the author talks about how to prevent your partner from cheating and what you should do if they do cheat.

Cheating Concerns & Possible Solutions; Kenney Denies Allegations

Following two big cheating scandals in the previous two weeks, many poker players have been left wondering not just how to punish cheaters, but also how to keep them out of the game.

Every few years, it seems like a cheating story breaks out, and the most recent one includes high-stakes professionals Ali Imsirovic and Bryn Kenney. Online multi-accounting and the usage of RTA (real-time assistance) software are among the charges.

Imsirovic has yet to reply to the charges, but Kenney has disputed allegations made by Martin Zamani, a member of his poker stable.

However, as these scandals progressed, more players began to consider the wider picture. How can you avoid cheating in the real world and online?



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The ‘blacklist’ in poker is a difficult problem to solve.

Poker star Alex Foxen made the initial allegations against Imsirovic last week. After reading a recent blog post by partypoker’s head of game integrity, Juha Pasanen, he tempered his accusations against the poker pro.

The arrival of the poker blacklist can’t come fast enough. Ali has been banned from GG because to RTA and multi-accounting. When I was playing online MTTs, I saw a lot of chip dumps to horses and a lot of odd shifts in play from guys who were known to be his horses.

April 18, 2022 — Alex Foxen (@WAFoxen)

Pasanen’s article focuses on the potential for constructing an online poker blacklist. Several platforms may recognize the list as a tool to deter individuals who work to scam other players of a fair poker environment.

“While the concept is sound in theory, there will be a slew of practical issues to overcome on the route to making this a reality,” he wrote.

Getting a common set of regulations in place that are accepted by all operators is one of the obstacles. Another stumbling block is adhering to the legislation of particular nations and jurisdictions.

When it comes to software use, several websites have different policies about what is permitted under their terms of service. Pasanen warns that ironing it out might be difficult.

“Before we could even contemplate of going further, we’d have to define precisely what constitutes RTA usage or bum-hunting,” he argues. “Not only would we need to work with authorities, but we’d also need to include and align the various poker sites.”

With so many different operators, this may be challenging.

Furthermore, others believe that concerns about cheating, RTA, and collusion are only justified when the stakes are larger. If this is correct, many casual gamers would no longer have to be concerned about being duped.

When it comes to privacy, online poker businesses now err on the side of caution. Some players, such as poker pro and instructor Chance Kornuth, believe it is past time to reform the climate.

When a poker site determines that someone is clearly cheating, they ban them, keep their identity hidden, and distribute the funds as they see fit. The existing system is insufficient and unacceptably ineffective. A Poker Blacklist is required.

April 21, 2022 — Chance Kornuth (@ChancesCards)

Concerns regarding solutions to the situation

Some industry actors, like Pasanen, are afraid that a “blacklist” system may be exploited. Conflicts between players may escalate into accusations of cheating. According to him, these concerns may need the use of a third-party system.

Would there be a path to forgiveness for athletes charged of minor diseases as well? Also, how long will the prohibitions last?

These difficulties, according to Todd Witteles of, render these sorts of cheating lists impractical. 

“While a wonderful goal, I believe a blacklist would be too difficult to achieve,” he told USPoker. “How far back would it go?” What exactly is “proof”? Who makes the decisions? What about con artists that defraud other players but don’t play cards?”

Witteles cites Justin Bonomo as an example. When he was detected multi-accounting in 2006, he was banned from PokerStars and partypoker. Bonomo sought to make amends with poker players.

“I’ve been honest in poker ever since,” Witteles says. Should he be barred from entering the country? Obviously not.”

Is it possible to find anything that works?

There does not seem to be a simple answer. Those searching for a solution from the government or law enforcement may be looking in the wrong place.

When Veronica Brill initially raised infidelity claims against Mike Postle in 2018, she alleged authorities showed little interest or capacity to resolve the matter.

Brill recently mentioned on Twitter his difficulties in getting law enforcement to grasp the alleged cheating plan.

She said, “Postle cheated on a live feed at a casino and nothing occurred.” “A paper notepad and a pencil were sent to my residence by the DOJ (Department of Justice).” They’re not equipped to investigate high-tech poker cheating, much less use site scraping or data to grasp online cheating.”

Operators and poker rooms, according to Witteles, should make their own judgments. This puts these businesses in a tough situation, but he feels that taking a stance would benefit poker.

“I believe that particular poker rooms and venues should use their own discretion in deciding who to admit and who to exclude,” he adds. “I wouldn’t grieve for those folks if the WSOP (World Series of Poker) blacklisted some known cheats and just stated they’re not allowed.” But I don’t believe a true blacklist is possible.”

Whether or not a remedy is discovered, many people think that at the very least, individuals that cheat other gamers should be exposed. That includes poker pro and instructor Matt Berkey, who believes that identifying individuals implicated at the very least informs other players.

Hard disagree. We should double down on outing the bad actors, shine a BRIGHTER light on nefarious behavior & amplify those willing to come forward. We have the rest of poker’s existence to remind ppl it’s not all corruption, but for now we it’s time to deal w/our issues head on

April 23, 2022 — Matt Berkey (@berkey11)


In an interview, Kenney refutes the charges.

Kenney, for one, continues to refute any claims of multi-accounting, ghosting, and general cheating. Last week, he issued a statement on Twitter refuting Zamani’s allegations.

Kenney got down with PokerNews for an interview this week. He also shot down Zamani’s claims of collaboration.

In the interview, he said, “I never said, ‘Do what’s best for the team.’” “Everyone is in it for themselves, and their wins and losses will have an impact on them.” There’s no expectation or requirement that you do anything other than play your best game, and then it’s up to that individual to do whatever it means for them.”

He also said that forcing gamers to see a shaman or use hallucinogenic substances was not part of the stable. Kenney has admitted to seeing a shaman-like figure.

Kenney also refuted Zamani’s assertions that he could see Kenney’s screen when he was playing online games.

In the interview, he stated, “It’s totally insane.” “It’s one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever heard in my life, and it’s completely false.”

Lauren Roberts, a former member of his stable, has backed up some of Zamani’s multi-accounting allegations. Kenney or someone in his stable, she claims, defrauded her.

Zamani also shared screenshots of chats with Sergi Reixach, Kenney’s stable coach. Kenney seemed to be able to view the players’ displays based on the chat messages.

We’re discussing a lot about the @BrynKenney interview & a lot of it revolves around him throwing @srxakgirona under the bus. @martin_zamani just shared these screenshots, seem quite contradictory to Bryn’s statements. You be the judge…

April 27, 2022 — Matt Berkey (@berkey11)

With allegations flowing from both sides, USPoker will keep an eye on the subject in the coming weeks.

The “uncommon signs of cheating” are some of the most common concerns that casinos have. There are many possible solutions to this problem, but Kenney has denied the allegations.

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