NIGA, The New Interactive Gaming Association in Nigeria is preparing a roadmap to advance the gaming industry in their country. They will be one of the first nations to open up blockchain technology for use across industries and create new solutions that make sense for both players and developers alike.

DiTRONICS Brings Easy, Quick, Better Financial Solutions to NIGA 2022. DiTRONICS is a company that offers easy and quick financial solutions to gaming companies in the United States. The company is backed by a team of experts who have been working in the industry for more than 15 years. Read more in detail here: niga gaming.

DiTRONICS Brings Easy, Quick, Better Financial Solutions to NIGA 2022

DiTRONICS-Brings-Easy-Quick-Better-Financial-Solutions-to-NIGA-2022(April 14, 2022) LAS VEGAS — While other firms will attempt to convince guests that they are better, DiTRONICS will demonstrate a variety of financial solutions that are simple, fast, and just plain better in booth #756 at NIGA 2022.

DiTRONICS’ sophisticated financial solutions cover a wide variety of topics, including cash access, digital platforms, cashless solutions, compliance, audit, and everything in between, all using cutting-edge technology.

“In addition to our products, what makes DiTRONICS a better company to work with is we don’t dictate what’s best for you; we help our customers choose the solution that works best for them, whether that’s supplemental solutions, full replacement, or customized solutions tailored to fit their needs,” said DiTRONICS Director of Sales & Marketing Justin Fears.

GameTime Wallet, the gaming industry’s first and only person-to-person online mega app, will be the center of attention at DiTRONICS. GameTime Wallet, which has more than 30 million active users and is used by a wide variety of enterprises throughout the world, is facilitating not just Crypto and Precious Metal trades, but so much more. GameTime Wallet is an excellent digital wallet for cashless wagering and money storage in both physical and virtual locations. Furthermore, since monies in GameTime Wallet are FDIC guaranteed, there is no danger of bad debt to the casino, and startup expenses are low.

1649955633_466_DiTRONICS-Brings-Easy-Quick-Better-Financial-Solutions-to-NIGA-2022DiTRONICS will also demonstrate Audit Checklist and Document Audit, two compliance software programs that save time and money. Audit Checklist is a web-based system developed by industry experts that improves compliance, simplifies auditing procedures, and saves time and money with automated tools and capabilities.


Document Audit is a modern-day web-based solution. All casino papers are digitally tracked, including signature validation and balance, and photos with indexes are stored in a digital archive system. It allows many auditors to audit any game day or several days from anywhere with a web connection.

The DTX-510D cash dispenser from DiTRONICS is a cutting-edge cash dispensing system for the cage or casino floor. For improved accountability, the DTX-510D is directly connected into the CMS. The cage is automated, jackpot payments are processed, tickets are issued and redeemed, chips are sold and bought, and BV and RFID chip pad integrations are available.

DiTRONICS’s new DTX-100K kiosk is a powerful self-service kiosk with multiple functions including bill break, ticket redemption/issuance, EMV ATM functions, POS debit & credit advances, jackpot pay, and has full integration with the GameTime digital wallet. High-capacity note cassettes keep players in the game.

Visit DiTRONICS’ booth #756 at NIGA to learn about improved financial solutions. Can’t wait any longer? Start now by going to

The “national indian gaming conference 2021” is the annual event that is held by the National Indian Gaming Association. The event will bring together various leaders from all over the world, to discuss and debate on issues surrounding the gaming industry.

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