I recently received a free sportsbook bonus from DraftKings, and I must say, it was a nice little perk. However, instead of thanking me, they accused me of bonus abuse. I was told that I would be banned from their site if I won the bonus a second time, even though I had won it once. I’ve never won a bonus, nor have I ever intentionally played any of their games with an intention of winning a bonus. I’m not accusing them of cheating; but I am saying I believe that the rules should be more clear, and that I won’t be silenced for speaking my mind.

DraftKings is one of the biggest names in online gambling, but the site hasn’t been around for very long. In fact, it’s only been around for about two years. In that time, DraftKings has become one of the most popular online gambling platforms. Even though they are a relatively new company, DraftKings is quickly becoming a dominant force in online gambling.

DraftKings is the casino of daily fantasy sports. It’s basically a sports gaming site where people play against each other. Like with fantasy sports, fans compete for prizes by using lineups of real players. Unlike fantasy sports, the player lineups are determined by the real players. The real players then earn payouts based on the performance of their lineup. DraftKings is best known for its daily fantasy contests. The contests run live while the action is happening in a real world sports event. The contests are like a real-life, real-time fantasy sports league.

Dustin Jermalowicz POSTED IN Blackjack word-image-6442 As you know, I love blackjack. I’ve been playing since I was old enough to play, and I went online as soon as I knew it was a thing. I’m also from Michigan, where regulated online blackjack was introduced earlier this year. When the industry launched, I took advantage of every bonus possible and found that the blackjack at DraftKings was the best in the country. After this bonus, I sank into the darkness. I don’t play blackjack unless I get a good bonus or something free. I’m here to take money, not play. After a lull on the site, I got an email from DraftKings saying they wanted me back and offered a 20% bonus (up to $100) with a wagering requirement of 1x on each game. I barely had time to read the terms and conditions before I clicked on the link, claimed my bonus and deposited $500 to get the $100. I found a multi-hand blackjack game on the site and noticed that my bonus money was completely separate from the deposit money (nice touch!). Using a blackjack strategy chart, I went to the perfect strategy for the game. The calculations showed that I would receive about $96, and after playing a small $1 hand, I met the 1x wagering requirement with a balance of $94.50 (plus the $500 I deposited). When I saw that these bonus funds were now combined with my deposit funds, I immediately went to withdraw my funds to my PayPal account. The next morning I received the following email: We are currently considering your request to withdraw. You recently made a large deposit and received a bonus. We note that you then created a recording with little or no play. We have restricted access to your account until we can collect information about you. Please state the reason for the withdrawal with the minimum game amount after the deposit. In addition, confirm that you understand that any further reference to clear bonus abuse will result in permanent restrictions. What can I say? There was nothing in the game rules and conditions that said you had to play beyond the 1x bet. Curious, I wrote back to the casino: Hello, I withdrew the money because I fully completed the 1x playthrough. The terms are listed in 1x, with no restrictions on games or bet sizes. I didn’t know that was bonus abuse? For the record, can you tell me what bonus abuse is so I don’t do it by mistake? I then received the following response: Thank you very much for your answer. Please note that the general rule for stocks requiring a deposit is that you must put all your money in before you can withdraw your winnings. If the promotion requires additional playing time, this will be stated in the promotion terms. Therefore, we encourage users to deposit only what they intend to collect. This means that you play for the full amount of your deposit and the bonus amount credited to your account. In addition, you must not engage in any conduct that falls within the definition of bonus abuse, including making a deposit for the sole purpose of gambling with the bonus money you receive from the deposit. If the account is reviewed for similar behavior, your account may be suspended and you will no longer be allowed to participate in DraftKings. Please confirm in your response to this letter that you understand that further evidence of clear bonus abuse will result in permanent restrictions. As soon as we receive your reply, we will open your account! Let us know if you have any questions. Knowing that my options were limited, I realized that I needed to get my money out of the casino. Needless to say, the site does not read the definition of bonus abuse. The casino itself can dictate what is considered abuse, and that is a concern. This is certainly true for casinos in unregulated markets, and it is true even in areas where casinos are highly regulated. These are the things you should consider when you decide to play at a casino. It’s an honor to be potentially banned, but I still like being able to go back and play it if I want to. What would you do? Previous article: Holland Casino offers live dealer games from Playtech

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