About two weeks ago, online casinos made a bold move to announce a massive bonus for new players. They are offering 100% up to $1000 and 50% up to $3000 (or more) in winnings.

The largest study ever conducted on online casino bonuses has been released by a British team of researchers, and it concludes that the risk of losing money by claiming a new online casino bonus is high, but the risk of winning any real money is low. The study found that the average player loses money when they first sign up for an online casino’s bonus, even though they’re likely to win some money back during the subsequent eight weeks. If the player is persistent, they’re likely to win big, but the risk of being repeatedly taken for a ride is high.

In an effort to make online gambling safer, most online casinos now require players to be over 21 years of age, but some players still want to try out casinos for the first time. How much risk is there in playing with these players?. Read more about casino and let us know what you think.

Assessment of the risk inherent in new online casino bonuses. Online and mobile gambling is one of the most competitive commercial industries in the world. Thousands of online casino operators are competing for your business. They compete by offering a variety of game menus and payment options, accepting players from different regions, but most importantly by adjusting their promotions to attract new players. word-image-15155 It’s no secret that new gambling sites tend to offer the greatest promotional benefits. They should, really. How can a new and unknown brand succeed in penetrating a market already saturated by thousands of competing players? To do this, hand the crowd a tasty looking carrot and hope to get a few bites. But how reliable are the new online casino promotions?

Risk assessment: New Online Casino Bonuses

Problem: The new iGaming operator doesn’t look like an established brand. She has no reputation to judge her honesty and quality of service. It’s not like a new restaurant that opens next door and offers a half-price coupon to its first customers. As virtual sites, online gaming sites can be both what they claim to be and something entirely different. Illegal online casinos have been popping up since the advent of the internet. But they manage to hide their ugliness under a fashionable facade, with aesthetically pleasing graphics, an exciting selection of games and – of course – great promotional bonuses for new players. So how do you know who to trust and who not to trust? Here are three that will get you on the right track.

#1 Based on the reputation of associated brands.

It’s rare for a brand new company to pop up out of nowhere without any significant associated brands on its flanks. Sure, it happens, but it’s rare. So when you come across a new online casino offering an enticing bonus, do your research first. Look at the bottom of the website for the parent and/or operating company. Look where it’s allowed. Do they indicate which partner brand they are associated with? By determining the reputation of all related companies, you can begin to build a reputation metric for the new brand. I promise you that a little research will go a long way.

#2 What is the risk factor?

There are different types of bonuses, but they can be easily classified according to risk. A standard deposit bonus carries a risk. A no deposit bonus (i.e. no deposit required) is risk free. If you have found a new online casino that offers a no deposit bonus, at least you have the advantage of not taking any risks by accepting it. Note that no-deposit bonuses are almost non-existent in today’s online gaming market. Only the newest online casinos – and there aren’t many, I might add – are willing to make more of these kinds of offers. If you see such a program, read the fine print and do your best before signing up.

#3 Does it look too good to be true?

Most of us learned as children that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. The same goes for the new online casino bonuses. If the offer is significantly better than the competition – if the rate requirements are extremely low or the perceived value is excessive – think twice before accepting it. Unless you can confirm that the operator is a reputable brand and offers strong support, it’s best to avoid them.

#1 Canada friendly casino for 2021

Royal Vegas is our editorial pick of secure Canadian gaming facilities. A good selection of Canadian deposit options are now available, from prepaid gift cards to e-checks, Instadebit and Visa/Mastercard. That, and a world-class gaming experience with countless table games, a wide variety and even live dealers. The brand has been around for ten years. word-image-5506

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