Blackjack is a card game that is often played in casinos. It has been around for centuries, but it has also been modified to make the game more exciting and challenging. Here are five things you should never do when playing blackjack.

The blackjack rules are the most important parts of any blackjack game. If you don’t follow these five simple rules, you will lose more than your money.

This is the third installment in a three-part series on how to improve your blackjack game at NJ Online Casino. Unlike the previous two pieces in the series, this one focuses on what blackjack players should avoid rather than what they should do to increase their odds of winning.

When it comes to blackjack, the most common blunders are:

My post from 8/6/21 said that blackjack is both a skill and a chance game, and listed the five most important abilities to win in this game.

Then, in my essay “Blackjack Behavior Matters,” published on August 27, 21, I discussed the significance of fitting in rather than standing out, as well as being polite and friendly to the dealer and other players at your table. Don’t point the finger at another player or the dealer if you’re losing. If you’re winning, don’t boast about it or seem superior.

Keep in mind that, like any other casino game, blackjack has a built-in house advantage. So, no matter how good you are at the game–or believe you are–expecting to win all of the time is unreasonable. That’s why blackjack table manners, or how you act at the table, are so crucial to your ability to return to the casino and play again and again.

But now that you’ve mastered the most essential blackjack dos, it’s time to focus on the don’ts. We’ll now look at five things you should never do when playing blackjack. These are common errors made by blackjack players, and you may have committed them yourself at times, but they have no place in a successful player’s rulebook. Do not take part in them!

The top five blackjack blunders that may ruin your game

As a blackjack player, these are the five greatest blunders you can make.

  1. Playing with money you don’t have
  2. Not using the proper fundamental approach for the game you’ve chosen.
  3. Using suggested choices for doubling down and dividing pairs but not doing so
  4. Choosing games with a lower house edge or placing side bets with a high house edge
  5. Whether you’re sleepy, hungry, or otherwise distracted, or when you’re playing with a dealer or other players that irritate you

Playing with money you don’t have

Many individuals have beginner’s luck when they sit down at a blackjack table for the first time. They may enter for a little sum of money, but they have a lot of success right away and quickly find themselves increasing their stakes and still winning. The player believes this is a simple game, only to be rudely awakened the next time they play.

That is exactly what happened to me. I took a pocket-sized blackjack strategy sheet with me the first time I played, and I staked $5 each hand, which was the table minimum. But only for a short time. I raised my wagers to $10 and then to $15 since I was consistently winning. I had won more than $100 when I left the table, and I couldn’t wait to go back to the casino and earn more “easy money.” However, the narrative was totally different the second time I played. I was defeated.

Why playing with fear money at a table with a $25 minimum won’t work

Blackjack tables with a $5 minimum bet are hard to come by these days. Instead, I often see individuals sitting at a $25 minimum table and purchasing a $100 buy-in. This is insufficient for these wagering stakes. Occasionally, a player may strike it rich and win a few hands. However, the player’s luck will eventually run out, and the tiny stack of chips will vanish.

It’s possible that you’ll lose your whole stack in one hand. Let’s say you have a pair of eights and the dealer has a five. On the first hand, you divide them and earn a three. As a result, you double down. You receive an Ace instead of the hoped-for 10. After that, you receive a 2 on your other 8, so you double down and get a 6 for another stiff hand.

Unfortunately, the dealer transforms her beginning hand of 5 into a pat hand of 19, and your $100 is gone!

As I stated in Part I, in blackjack, a suggested wager size is 1/16 or, better yet, 1/20 of your table buy-in. As a result, if you play at a $25 minimum table with a buy-in of less than $400-$500, you’re undercapitalized and setting yourself up for failure.

If you visit Atlantic City or any other famous casino location during a busy period, such as a weekend evening or holiday, you may not be able to locate any blackjack tables with seats available for less than $15 or $25. As a result, if your gaming budget is restricted, you should be aware of this and prepare appropriately.

Lower minimums are available at certain online casinos’ blackjack tables, but not all. It’s possible that live dealer games with a minimum bet of less than $25 won’t be accessible.

Stay away from marathon sessions.

Another essential aspect of effective money management, regardless of the stakes, is keeping track of how long you play. Try to leave a winner if you’re winning. Stay away from the table for an extended period of time. Your luck may change, and you could lose all you’ve won, plus more. If you’re losing, it’s much preferable to leave the table with a modest loss sooner rather than later, rather than attempting to chase your losses and, in all likelihood, ending up with a worse result. Even if you stick to the suggested bet size recommendations, if you play for too long, you’ll be overbetting and ruining your bankroll.

Last but not least

Whatever game you choose to play, don’t allow your desire to be in the thick of things entice you to wager more than you can afford. Playing with frightened money is a bad idea!

Failure to use the proper fundamental approach

You should definitely stick to slots if you like casino games that require little or no decision-making. You’re not cut out for blackjack. Every hand you are given in blackjack requires some level of decision-making. You must determine which of the various choices would be your greatest bet in each case, and on certain hands, more than once–hit, stand, double down, split a pair, or surrender in a few casinos.

On certain hands, the right choice will be apparent, but on others, it will be more difficult to make unless you know the correct fundamental approach. In every case, you must make a split-second choice to avoid delaying the game.

If you follow the advise of professionals who have studied and evaluated the different options for you, you have a far greater chance of achieving a positive result than if you play on a whim or a gut.

Yes, there will be instances when you lose while using the right fundamental approach, or when you see other players using the incorrect basic strategy winning. However, sticking to the right fundamental approach will benefit you in the long term.

Keep in mind that based on the regulations of the game, the right fundamental approach may change. It makes a difference if the dealer hits or stands on soft 17 and whether you can double down after splits, for example.

Last but not least

It’s acceptable to bring a simple plan chart to the meeting so that you may refer to it if necessary. However, do not seek advise from other players at the table or from the dealer. It is your duty to either remember how to play a certain hand correctly or to carry the knowledge with you so that you do not make expensive errors.

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Not taking advantage of chances to double down or split pairings that have been suggested.

These types of bets need further wagers, and even when they are statistically the best option, they don’t always pay off. Undercapitalized players may want to double down or split a pair, but they are unable to do so due to a lack of funds. Alternatively, individuals may opt out because they believe they need to save the few chips they have left.

It is permissible but not advised to double down for less, but not to divide pairs for less. You’d be shortchanging yourself and not receiving the full benefit of the choice if you did so. Instead, prevent these sorts of problems entirely by beginning each blackjack game with a significant amount of money.

Making side bets with a large house edge or playing a blackjack game with poor rules

It must be a duck if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck. But don’t think a game is conventional blackjack simply because it looks like it.

Many brick-and-mortar casinos include a dedicated low-stakes “fun pit” with games that resemble blackjack but have a unique set of rules that give the house a significant advantage. Uninitiated players may believe that the game offers them a greater chance to win than conventional blackjack, while in reality, the reverse is true.

Some of these games, such as Super Fun 21, feature extremely permissive double down rules and extra payoffs for certain uncommon card combinations, such as suited 7s. However, any benefits to the player are far outweighed by the disadvantageous rule that blackjack pays even money instead of 3:2.

All of the following are terrible blackjack games that you should avoid if you care about your money.

  • Blackjack with Double Exposure
  • 21st century Spanish
  • Blackjack with a single deck pays 6:5 for blackjacks.
  • Zappit
  • Live Dealer Blackjack
  • Blackjack with no time limit

Blackjack with Double Exposure

Instead of one face-down beginning card, both of the dealer’s starting cards are dealt face-up in Double Exposure Blackjack. Blackjack, on the other hand, pays even money!

21st century Spanish

Spanish 21 is a terrible game as well, although for a different reason. The tens have all been gone!

Blackjack with a single deck pays 6:5 for blackjacks.

Generally speaking, the fewer the decks, the better (i.e., a six-deck game is slightly better than an eight-deck game). However, this assertion is only true if the other rules have not changed significantly.

A single-deck game with the exact same rules as the six- or eight-deck games available in Atlantic City, such as doubling down on any two cards, doubling down after splits, and the dealer standing on soft 17, would be great. However, you can be assured that you will never see it outside of your fantasies.

Not only would such a game entirely remove the house edge, but it would also transfer the advantage to the player. As a result, no casino would dare to provide it.

However, it goes too far when the casino not only abandons the three previously stated advantageous regulations, but also pays 6:5 instead of 3:2 on blackjacks. The game then deteriorates to the point that it is no longer competitive with conventional six or eight-deck blackjack.


Zappit allows you to exchange or “zap” a poor hand for a better one. However, the dealer will strike a soft 17 and you will not be able to double down on split or resplit pairs. These unfavorable regulations more than make up for the zap option, resulting in a house advantage that is twice as high as in better conventional blackjack games.

Games with a Live Dealer

Playing live dealer games on sometimes may not be as terrible as some of the other poor blackjack games if your primary aim in playing is to have fun and interact with other players while still enjoying the added convenience and benefits of online gaming. But don’t go overboard since the extremely enjoyable experience that these games may provide comes at a cost. You’ll find that the regulations are more stringent than in most other online blackjack games.

In addition, several NJ online casinos have increased their live dealer blackjack minimums. As a result, you may not be able to locate the $10 minimum table you were looking for.

The mediocre regulations, coupled with a hefty minimum wager, do not auger well for your chances of winning. And if you’re a beginner, you’re at an even greater disadvantage. Live dealer blackjack games, unlike almost all other online blackjack games, do not let you to practice for free in a demo mode. From the beginning, you must play for real money.

Blackjack with no time limit

Finally, if all of the other blackjack tables are full or you can’t locate a table with a low minimum, you may be tempted to play Unlimited Blackjack, which is an online casino’s variation to regular blackjack.

You will never have to wait for a seat, as the game’s name suggests. The reason for this is because each hand begins with the same two community cards for all players, enabling any number of individuals to play at the same time. And what could possible go wrong with a $1 minimum bet?

Unfavorable restrictions that compel you to break fundamental tactics are the solution. Unlimited blackjack is a lousy game with a larger house edge than traditional blackjack.

Side bets

Many blackjack games, even those that are generally excellent, may include optional side bets with large rewards. However, these side bets almost always have a larger house edge than regular blackjack games.

The bottom line – Avoiding Blackjack Mistakes

The main conclusion is that gimmicky games or choices that seem to be almost too good to be true benefit the casino rather than you. Don’t be fooled by them.

When you’re weary, hungry, distracted, or under other adversities, you should play.

If you want to increase your odds of winning in blackjack, you must offer yourself every conceivable edge. That implies you should only play when you are in top physical, mental, and emotional shape.

You should also be aware of any external variables that may have an unfavorable effect on the quality of your game. The demeanor of the dealer or the presence of poor or irritating players at the table, according to some blackjack experts, should have no effect on your choice to play. Presumably, you should ignore their less-than-ideal conduct and just play your hand.

I disagree, not because you’ll probably receive weaker cards, but for a different reason. Staying completely concentrated and playing at your best becomes a difficult challenge when your time at the blackjack table gets unpleasant and unenjoyable. In these situations, your best chance is to give up and walk away.

Conclusion and Summary

As this three-part blackjack series should demonstrate, there are many factors over which you have a great deal of power and which may influence your result. By paying careful attention to these crucial blackjack dos and don’ts, you can guarantee that you’re playing the finest game in the casino, with the lowest house advantage and greatest chance of winning.

Blackjack is a game of skill, but there are some things you should never do when playing blackjack. These five things are not only bad for the game, but can also lead to losing your money. Reference: what should you not do at a blackjack table.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you not do in blackjack?

It is important to be as conservative as possible when playing blackjack. If you are not sure what a conservative bet would be, then it could be best for you to just fold your hand and wait for the next one.

What should you never do in a casino?

Never gamble if you dont have the money to lose.

When should you not hit in blackjack?

When youre not sure what the dealer has.

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