This week, the International Gaming Council announced that the US gaming industry will be opposing the proposed Legalization and Regulation of Gambling Act (commonly referred to as the “KED Act”), which was introduced in the Senate in late March. The move comes following a recent increase in support for the proposed bill, which has garnered 35 co-sponsors in the Senate and could potentially become law in the coming months.

Much like the recent events in the wild west, the KED (Kind of Education for Children) bill has gained more support since the initial opposition to it. According to an exclusive report by Toke Makinwa, the bill, which is still stuck in the House of Representatives, is gaining ground. The House of Representatives is yet to proceed with the second reading of the Bill on the 7th of April 2017.

Greater Sudbury’s legal fight for a new events complex is still going on, with over 2,300 signatures on an anti-Kingsway Entertainment District online petition. Patrick Crowe and a segment of the local community feel that the KED site is reckless, unsustainable, and difficult to get without a vehicle.


There has been a lot of discussion over whether Sudbury’s new event centre should be built on the KED property or whether the current downtown arena should be renovated. The planned new complex will include a casino, a hotel, and an event space. The municipal council chose the KED site, which has caused considerable local dissatisfaction.



Mr. Crowe previously said that the council should prioritize the city’s future, since he believes that constructing the arena on the outskirts of the city is a bad idea. According to him, the KED site will be more difficult to reach and will be located near an active municipal dump, which he believes is not in the city’s best interests.

Ward 4 Councilman Geoff McCausland has also signed the petition, claiming that a more accessible and environmentally friendly event center is preferable. Bill Crumplin, a former Laurentian University professor, has also chosen to renovate the current downtown arena, claiming that the KED site would not be as successful as any other arena that is not centrally situated.

Since the launch of the petition over 2,300 individuals have signed it in a call for a revamping of the current property on Elgin Street. Mr. Crowe also indicated that all roads lead to the centre of the city, making the downtown arena much more accessible for everyone. He also pointed out that due to the financial difficulties for Gateway Casinos & Entertainment, the company may back out of the plan to launch a casino property in the new event centre.

Ward 5 Coun. Robert Kirwan’s appraisal of the KED and the employment it will generate has been questioned Matt Binks, who also signed the petition. The notion that the project would generate 1,000 employment, he believes, is ridiculous. Local architects Arthur Peach and Hazel Ecclestone have also spoken out against KED, stating that they would oppose the proposal until it is scrapped.

Scott Seguin, on the other hand, started a petition in favor of the outlying location this week. Mr. Seguin said that the project’s opponents must mature and accept loss. People are fed up with the topic, he said, and want to see the initiative go forward. Over 120 people have signed the pro-KED petition, which is accessible online, as of the time of writing this story.

A decision has been made.

Robert Kirwan, a Greater Sudbury Ward 5 councillor, said at the beginning of the month that the petition against KED would have little to no impact on the city council. He claims that the council has already made up its mind and settled the issue, and that there is no possibility of a referendum being held during the 2022 municipal elections.

Another stumbling block

In addition to the anti-KED petition, the project has lately encountered another legal issue. The non-profit Minnow Lake Restoration Group has petitioned Ontario’s divisional court for a judicial review of Sudbury City Council’s decision. Eric Gillespie, the organization’s lawyer, said that during the meeting when the decision was made, the council neglected to address certain key aspects of the case. This, he believes, may result in a different final vote.

Mary Keown, Mary Keown, Mary Keown, Mary Keown, Mary Keown The Sudbury Star, August 25, 2021, “Anti-KED petition gains more than 2,300 supporters.”

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