The biggest lottery jackpot in CA history has yet to be claimed for the second straight week, as the winning ticket for the March 26 Lotto Max draw was scratched on Monday. The ticket was sold at a Safeway grocery store in the city of Chico, California, for the $36 million jackpot—which is the largest unclaimed jackpot in California history—and the winning numbers were 2, 3, 4, 20, 34, 39.

This is a sad story of a lottery jackpot that has gone unclaimed for 12 years. The jackpot has been paid out twice (1999 and 2003) but not since.  The total jackpot for the CA$36 million lottery draw was CA$36,000,000.  The jackpot was won on March 20, 1999 in  Vernon, British Columbia.  The winning numbers were 3, 8, 34, 11, and 47.  To date, no one has claimed the jackpot.  The jackpot has been claimed once before, but the winner did not come forward during the  announcement of the winning numbers for the drawing.  In 2007

Canada has been in the news a lot lately for its near constant rain. Nothing has been more seemingly important to the citizens of this country, than calculating their odds of winning the lottery. The jackpot is now at CA$36 Million dollars, and the chances of winning are one in over 70 million.. Read more about highest lotto max jackpot and let us know what you think.

The jackpot reward from last week’s Lotto Max is still unclaimed, since no winning tickets were sold. Despite the fact that the reward has now surpassed the outstanding sum of CA$36,000,000, no ticket holder from the nation has been able to claim it. Players need not be disheartened, though, since they will get another shot at the main prize tonight, this time for a larger sum.


Lotto Max is Canada’s most popular and lucrative draw-based game, with a prize that may reach a whopping CA$70,000,000. The game has two weekly draws, one on Tuesday and the other on Friday, and tickets are available in both paper and digital formats depending on one’s region.

The Main Prize Increases in Value


There were no winning tickets sold for the game’s final draw on Friday, July 16, 2021, according to the Crown company. This implies that the prize for tonight’s Lotto Max draw will be much larger. The top reward has now risen to a mind-boggling CA43 million. It remains to be seen if it will be won this time.

Players may win various sums of Maxmillion rewards if the game’s jackpot exceeds CA$50 million. Each prize is worth a total of CA$1,000,000. This was the case for Adassa Elliston, a frequent lottery player who just won her first big reward when she claimed a Maxmillion award.

Ms. Elliston of Vaughan is now worth CA$1,000,000 due to the Lotto Max Maxmillion draw on June 15, when her ticket was selected as the solitary prize winner. Ms. Elliston said that she chose her numbers at random and that her luck had finally paid off when she arrived at a Crown corporation office to collect her reward.

On Bathurst St. in Richmond Hill, the ticket holder bought her ticket to the game Petro Canada. On her way to work, the winner stopped by the shop to inquire about her possible prizes. She said that she couldn’t believe what she was hearing at first and had to double-check the ticket before understanding what had occurred.

There Will Be More Winners

The latest Lotto Max winner’s name was previously disclosed by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation when he collected his prize. With his CA$65 million win, Jansen Ng, a former member of the military from East Gwillimbury, is now considerably wealthier thanks to the draw-based game. His winning ticket was drawn on July 6, and he intends to donate the majority of the money to charity and assist his other veterans.

Gary Hill of British Columbia is another recent Lotto Max millionaire from the nation. Mr. Hill was one of two fortunate lottery winners who shared the CA$70 million prize in the June 22 draw. The semi-retired truck driver from Kamloops will still get a massive CA$35 million award. The winning numbers were 07, 11, 22, 28, 33, 44, and 49, with 10 as the bonus number.

Source: Coast Reporter, July 17, 2021, “No winning ticket for Friday’s $36 million Lotto Max jackpot.”

Last night’s numbers were the first flight of the 2018 Lotto Max draw, where the jackpot has been estimated at $36 Million dollars. A total of 5,687,338 tickets were purchased for the draw, which was held in the afternoon and evening on Saturday, May 26th. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 9,039,872.. Read more about max millions and let us know what you think.

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