A married couple met on the felt and now they are expecting. What is the legal process of getting a baby out of wedlock?

The scott montgomery is a married couple who met on the felt at a casino. They are now expecting their first child together.

Stephanie Rivkin won the WSOP.com Rio Monster Stack in August, becoming the first woman to win a circuit ring. This wasn’t, however, her most memorable ring of the summer. Stephanie (previously Hubbard) married poker pro Jason Rivkin on July 11th.

The summer was jam-packed for this poker power couple. The stress of arranging a big wedding that was postponed twice would be enough for some. This pair, on the other hand, has been dominating big online competitions all summer.




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Perspectives are shifting.

Despite their winning ways at the tables, it now plays a supporting role. Following some recent major news, Jason said that their emphasis had shifted. 

“After the wedding, we spent two weeks on our honeymoon in Maui, attempting to relax,” he added. “We were in for another surprise not long after we returned home. In early April, we’ll be expecting our first kid.

“As a result, our poker objectives have evolved into family objectives. Shopping for a home and getting ready for a baby”

Since 2013, Stephanie and Jason have known one other via the poker community. After a hard day on the felt, they first met at a Parx Big Stax event in Pennsylvania.

John Coyle, a Philadelphia semi-pro player and close friend, performed the ceremony. He mentioned the night they met in Parx during the ceremony.

“Regardless of the tournament’s outcome,” he said of their first encounter, “we both went away victors that night,” he said. 

Together, we’re going down the poker path.

Since the early 2000s, both players have been grinding poker. Stephanie and Jason started attending events together after meeting at Parx. 

“One of our first dates was a road trip to Montreal in late September to play a PokerStars event at Playground Poker,” Jason said. 

Jason began playing poker in high school by hosting house games. He began grinding live and online events throughout his undergraduate years. He began playing full-time after graduating from Rutgers in 2011. Despite becoming pro, he received his MBA from Monmouth University in 2018.

Eric Rivkin, his brother and a professional player, is credited with most of his success. Eric has slightly over a million dollars in real cashes.

Jason has 67 WSOP cashes and a WSOP Circuit ring from St. Maarten in 2016. Over the years, he’s also had a number of deep final table bracelet runs. His poker resume includes $1.5 million in tournament wins from both live and online poker. 

Jason has discovered online success with two deep WSOP.com final table runs. On July 31, he came in second place earning $90,811 in a $1,000 bracelet tournament.

Powerful poker duo

Jason chose to focus on his family’s future after his wedding and with a kid on the way. He intends to take a break from the online grind and pursue a job that will match his poker and family commitments.

“I want a more manageable lifestyle with a steady income,” he added.

Stephanie already juggles a poker lifestyle with a full-time job. Since graduating from Rutgers in 2010, she has worked as a pharmacist.

Her daily regimen also includes a little poker. She first became interested in poker after seeing friends play online and watching televised poker.

Stephanie adds, “During college, I used to play in a lot of home games with the Knights of Columbus.” “I subsequently moved to Atlantic City and began playing cash games and women tournaments.”

In 2015, she won a large sum of money at the Borgata. She became the first female champion by winning the Fall Open Open for $159,776. Stephanie has been a regular casher throughout the years, and she also has a few more noteworthy cashes.

For those balancing poker, family, and a job, the pair has some advise. Rivkin’s approach entails the following:

  • Maintaining separate bankrolls, yet rewarding one another with a share of the action on large wins.
  •  Keep an eye on your spouse and pay attention to what they’re saying.
  •  Save the strategy talk for the post-game debriefing.
  •  Understand that the game of poker and the outcomes that follow will have ups and downs.
  •  Make an effort to spend meaningful time with each other away from the table.

This card-playing pair seems to have a solid connection as well as a great love for the game. They offer a distinct perspective to the game as a result of their extensive experience.

Jason claims that neither of them has ever read a poker book, utilized a HUD, studied with a coach, or seen a training video. “Since we both got our start in poker at such a young age, real experience and intuition have been our only and greatest guides.

“It also helps to have a capable spouse who can assist you through the day-to-day grind.”

Stephanie and Jason Rivkin contributed to this photo.

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