Ontario’s proposed plan for a new gambling legislation raises some important questions about the way in which gaming will be regulated. Proponents of the MPP say that taking time to study and digest what’s been proposed is key, as it could have major implications for Ontario gaming players, investors, operators and employees.

The “is roobet legal in us” is a topic that has been highly debated over the past few years. MPP urges for delay in Ontario’s Gaming Regime.

MPP Urges for Delay in Ontario’s Gaming Regime

Lisa Gretzky, Member of Provincial Parliament for Windsor West, has requested the Ontario government to postpone the introduction of the new iGaming sector. Ms. Gretzky is afraid that the new system will have a negative influence on the brick-and-mortar casino sector, since many establishments have yet to return all of their employees.


Ontario’s igaming and sports betting sector is set to open on April 4, 2022, according to a research released recently by Great Canadian Gaming Corporation. According to it, the new market’s 20% tax on gross gaming income would put land-based casinos at danger, since they already pay greater taxes, putting them in a difficult position.

Requesting a Time Extension


Ms. Gretzky agrees with the gaming conglomerate and demands that the market be halted until all land-based gambling establishments recall their entire workforce. Indigenous leaders, employees, unions, chambers of business, and mayors in Ontario are pressing the provincial government not to start the iGaming industry unless thousands of workers would be recalled immediately, according to her.

Land-based casinos must also contribute 55 percent of their net gaming earnings to Ontario’s government, according to the MPP for Windsor West. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on publicly financed health care, education, infrastructure, and subsidies to municipalities for locally funded services, according to her. And the addition of iGaming to the mix might damage those figures.

Approximately 1,000 casino employees in the province would lose their employment, according to Unifor, the country’s biggest union. With iGaming dominating the gaming business, the union is concerned that many of those employees may never be recalled. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce, as well as First Nation indigenous leaders who own tribal casinos, have stated their wish to have the launch postponed.

According to the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation’s economic analysis of the prospective effect of the iGaming sector, Ontario’s government could anticipate a CA$3 billion reduction in land-based taxes over the next five years. Furthermore, approximately 2,500 gaming-related employment would be lost in the next five years, according to the report.

According to some estimates, the iGaming regime might result in the loss of 100 of the region’s 500 gaming-related employment. Despite not knowing how many operators would be permitted to join the market, Chris MacDonald, the assistant to Unifor National President Jerry Dias, indicated that the union anticipates job losses and an uneven playing field when the market opens this spring.

The number of operators is increasing.

Many supporters of the idea respond by claiming that legalizing online casino sites would just drive gamers away from offshore sites. Meanwhile, Ontario continues to approve operators, most recently granting Rush Street Interactive a license. The firm that previously provides a free-to-play version of its BetRivers app will be able to offer a real-money alternative.

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