Ontario’s government is poised to introduce legislation that will make sports betting legal in the province and experts predict it won’t stay long. Ontario is Canada’s most populated province, but also has one of its lowest population densities when compared to other provinces. The presence of a lot more

The “igaming ontario” is a new company that has been created to provide sports betting advice for Canadians. The company is based in Ontario, Canada.

Ontario Experts Give Out Sports Betting Advice

Ontario’s long-awaited new and regulated online sports wagering and gaming industry for private operators was just launched. However, provincial gaming specialists are concerned that growing access to such services may lead to a rise in gambling-related issues among local gamblers. As a result, they provide certain tips to all qualifying bettors.


On April 4, 2022, the province’s new system went into effect, allowing operators certified by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to sell online wagering products throughout the province. Since last summer, registered organizations will be allowed to provide goods under the single-event wagering vertical, which was permitted in Canada.

Risk Behaviour Incentivization


Because it is a new industry, several sportsbooks are giving generous welcome incentives in the form of free CA$50 sign-up bonuses and referral bonuses. Mike Naraine, an associate professor of sports management at Brock University, is worried that these promotions give athletes the impression that they are winning when they aren’t.

According to the expert, the free credits merely serve to push individuals to engage in more aggressive conduct while also gamifying a potentially addictive pastime. Mr. Naraine adds that customers who do not spend large amounts of money are more likely to be targeted since they assume that little amounts are harmless. According to him, by putting little bets, players are unaware of their cumulative losses and often disregard them.

According to Harvey Marmurek, a psychology professor at the University of Guelph, prudent gaming on certain platforms might camouflage problematic gambling on others. If players establish a wagering limit on one site, they may switch to the other and play until the other limit is reached. Mr. Marmurek believes that cross-platform monitoring is necessary.

Mr. Naraine has urged sports gamblers to wager just what they are prepared to lose in order to avoid compulsive gambling. Another piece of advise he gives is to steer clear from an online sportsbook’s casino verticals, since they often provide such services. Sports betting, he claims, has a finite amount of games per day, but iGaming allows for limitless gameplay.

Furthermore, the expert recommends that consumers download just one or two applications rather than five, six, or even more. As a result, consumers will be exposed to more marketing activity from a variety of sources. The AGCO has licensed over 25 operators that are allowed to sell their goods throughout the province, thus there is plenty of choice on the market.

Big Name Brands Make an Appearance

FanDuel, a gaming behemoth, has also debuted in Ontario’s brand-new sector. The business declared that it will go live in the province and debut its sportsbook app only days before the market opened. It uses IGT’s PlaySports platform and features Same Game ParlayTM bets (SGP), Odds Boosts, Data Visuals, and Streaming choices, among other features.

Leah Golob, Leah Golob, Leah Golob, Leah Golob “Experts warn of traps to avoid when single-sport betting debuts in Ontario,” says the article. April 19, 2022, Toronto Star

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