This month, the 2017 Casino of The Year Award and Best New Slots/Video Slot Machine were both up for contention by two different companies. At one point in time during voting, Pollard Banknote was on top of a list that had over 100 nominees.
But when it came down to the wire with just five slots left, there was only space for two nominations. We don’t know what happened specifically but this is sure to be interesting as we get closer to announcing the winners! or
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Pollard Banknote in Contention for Two Awards

Pollard Banknote, a prominent lottery services and products supplier, has been honored for its outstanding accomplishments once again. The firm has announced that it has been named a finalist for two major awards at the 2022 International Gaming Awards. The US Gaming Company of the Year award comes first, followed by the Lottery Product of the Year honor.


The International Gaming Awards will be held for the 15th year in a row this year. A group of specialists from the worldwide gaming industry selects the winners. The winners will be revealed on April 11, 2022, in a special event in London, United Kingdom, after they have been chosen. The panel will have plenty of time to choose its victors.

The Two Most Important Awards1641908839_292_Pollard-Banknote-in-Contention-for-Two-Awards

North and South American firms compete for the title of US Gaming Company of the Year, which is presented to those who have shown sustained growth and an emphasis on customer service, innovation, and technology. Pollard Banknote is a finalist because it is recognized as a leading and preferred partner in the lottery business in North America.

The goal of the firm is to create both tangible and digital games, as well as Empowered Partnerships with each of its lottery customers. This is accomplished through supplying goods and services to its partners that attract and keep new and current consumers, as well as merchandising methods that optimize retail impact and use the correct mix of online items to complement their digital offerings.

The firm was also nominated for the Lottery Product of the Year award, which it received for its breakthrough new quick game idea, Struck By Luck. This product makes use of a progressive jackpot feature that is new to the instant ticket industry. It mixes rapid ticket play with a multi-tiered digital component, allowing for potentially significant jackpot increases.

The organization is thrilled to be chosen as a finalist in two significant areas, according to Doug Pollard, Co-Chief Executive Officer of the lottery provider. He went on to say that the company’s top priority is to give the greatest goods and services to the industry. Struck By Luck, in his view, is a declaration of a unique product that will appeal to many lottery lovers.

Partnerships to be Continued

Pollard Banknote has managed to grow its influence to 60 lotteries from all around the globe throughout the years. The Minnesota Lottery has granted the firm a contract renewal. It’s a Mobile Convenience App Development Services Contract, and it allows the Canadian lottery provider to create a fully working lottery app for its client on both iOS and Android smartphones.

Another long-term partner, the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency, gave the firm another extension in the summer of 2021. This new agreement took effect on July 8, 2021, and permits the two parties to extend their mutual collaboration for another three years. The two firms started collaborated in 2006, and they’ve been working together ever since.

Source: Cision, January 10, 2022, “Pollard Banknote Selected as Finalist in Two Categories at the International Gaming Awards.”

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