A Texas Lotto game that was run by a private company, Pollard Banknote Group Inc., has been hit with a $6.8 million lawsuit after winning more than $30 million in prizes since 2013. The suit, filed on behalf of three players who won the jackpots and didn’t claim their prizes for nearly 30 days after purchase from Pollards’ website, states that “the scheme to allow multiple claims without any limits or time period is fraudulent.”

The “lottery insider” is a website that provides lottery results and other information for games such as the Texas Lotto. It was reported on November 28, 2018 that Pollard Banknote has won $4.7 million in the Texas Lotto field.

Pollard Banknote Reigns in Texas Lotto Field

Pollard Banknote has arrived in North America to help grow the scratch-ticket business. The lottery leader from Canada recently applauded the Texas Lottery for the phenomenal performance of one of its scratch games on the market. This is the Millions of Dollars at the Casino ticket, which is reasonably priced while yet providing significant prizes. Since its official introduction, sales have totaled $143 million.


It should be remembered that this gaming item was officially launched in September 2021 for Texas gamers to enjoy. The ticket costs $50 and comes with a lot of excellent prizes, the biggest of which is $5,000,000. During the first ten weeks of its availability, this was one of the most compelling reasons for gamers to buy it regularly.

Millions of Dollars at the Casino


Now that enough time has passed since the launch, it is safe to say that the Millions of Dollars at the Casino scratch ticket is a bestseller in the $50 segment and in the history of the Texas Lottery. Its main prize adds to the total of $250 million in total payouts you could end up bagging once you purchase a lucky ticket.

The ticket is red in color and has a giant dollar sign on top, as well as dice, cards, and casino chips. Three bonus zones are included, as well as five games using your numbers and a dealer’s number. Scratch FX patterns, as well as the Scratch FXtra print invention, are available to players. This creates a holographic experience on a whole new level that grabs and retains the audience’s attention.

The Texas Lottery’s Executive Director, Gary Grief, has said that the lottery is pleased with the success rate of this lottery ticket during the last 10 weeks of sales. The leader understands what local players appreciate and are attracted to, and it wanted to work with the top lottery business in North America once again – the Manitoba-based lottery firm.

More Achievements

For over a decade, the two executives have worked together on goods. The great quality of scratch tickets has been consistent since then. Pollard Banknote is a prominent lottery partner to more than 60 lotteries throughout the globe, therefore the North American market will continue to be supported in the future.

Pollard Banknote was recently honored for its outstanding accomplishments. The firm was named a finalist for two major awards at the 2022 International Gaming Awards earlier this month. The US Gaming Company of the Year award comes first, followed by the Lottery Product of the Year honor. The International Gaming Awards will be held for the 15th year in a row this year.

The year 2021 was also notable because, in early December, Manitoba-based Pollard Banknote Limited announced that the Minnesota Lottery had given it a Mobile Convenience App Development Services Contract. To put it another way, the Canadian lottery provider will be able to create a fully working lottery app for its partner that will work on both iOS and Android smartphones.

Source: “Pollard Banknote Congratulates the Texas Lottery on its History-Making $50 Millions of Dollars at the Casino Scratch Ticket Game”, NewsWire, January 17, 2022

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