The world’s most bizarre casinos feature a variety of themes including, but not limited to:
-Minging town and chavvy bride at the same time.
-Eighteenth century English country manors with real foxes wandering about.
-Space travel in combination with casino games

The Strangest Casinos in the World

The “best casinos near me” is a list of the strangest casinos in the world. They are located all over the world, and they range from strange to downright weird.

The oddest casinos in the planet. When you think of a casino, what images spring to mind? Is it the opulent Las Vegas and Macau resorts? Or how about the elegance and opulence of Monaco? It’s not incorrect to go to the first location that comes to mind. There are various casinos across the globe, each with its own design and characteristics. It’s also worth noting that not all casinos are created equal.

In addition, this article will take you on a tour of some of the world’s oddest casinos. Find out what separates these casinos distinct from the others, from unusual settings to mysterious features and setups.

Furthermore, no two casinos are same. It is true that there is always something special about it that attracts people. It might be anything from the color scheme to the structure and configuration. 


The World’s Strangest Casinos

1. The Haunted Casino

A casual observer may not notice anything unusual about this hotel until they learn the tale. The casino is said to be haunted, according to legend. A fire broke out in the structure in the month of November 1980. It was known as the MGM Grand Hotel back then. At least eighty persons were murdered in the structure when it caught fire. As a consequence, the owners sold the property, which was renamed Bally’s by the new owners.

The hotel still has a portion of the original tower where the fire occurred.

As a result, rumors that the hotel was haunted began to circulate. In addition, several guests claimed to have seen spirits in the hotel’s halls, stairwells, and other areas. Strange occurrences were reported by both hotel personnel and customers. Strange motions and sounds are examples of this.

Despite the legends of its spooky past, the hotel is still operational today. Players go to the casino to play. It’s almost as though no one gives a damn if the motel is creepy or not.

2. A Casino Constructed on a Puddle

Given its location, the Rivers Casino in Des Plaine, Illinois, may not strike you as unusual. Downtown Chicago and O’Hare International Airport are both just a few minutes apart. However, the unique characteristic of this casino is that it is built on a puddle, or more precisely, a small pit of water. Isn’t that unusual? I know, but it’s exciting. 

The water-based casino, which opened in 2011, is a clever method for casino owners to get around state gambling rules, which only allow riverboat casinos. Isn’t that clever? Yeah. 

The Rivers Casino is undeniably well-known both inside and outside of its locations. Visitors come from all over the globe to visit the casino. In addition, this casino center offers a diverse gaming variety, including over 1000 slot machines. Lucky 88, Wheel of Fortune, and Buffalo Gold are among the games available. There are over 50 table games to choose from, with values ranging from 1 cent to $100. This casino is, without a doubt, one of the most talked-about.

On the side, there is a source of refreshment. The casino also has seven bars and restaurants featuring unique drinks, beers, and freshly prepared food.


The World’s Strangest Casinos

3. A Taxi Ride to the Casino

Have you ever considered playing a casino game while riding in a taxi? In the United Kingdom, it is conceivable. Several casinos from across the globe are included in the world’s tiniest casino title. In a black taxi, however, there is no smaller getter than a casino. With an entertainment bar, this taxi casino offers customers more online gambling possibilities. So, while playing a game, you might ask for a drink. Is mobile gaming appealing to you? Then you should give this cab casino a go.

The Grosvenor Casino is a unique and creative cab that debuted in Birmingham in the summer of 2016. It began with a summer campaign that featured the cab going around the United Kingdom. A gaming table and a dealer are among the elements of the London taxi. It also has a bar, as well as a TV showing sporting events and online gaming choices.

Do you want to discover anything unusual about this taxi casino? Surprisingly, it can be hailed. Yes, you may hail this taxi casino just like a normal taxi, and the driver will transport you to the Hill Street branch of the casino for free. You may also be dropped off anywhere in the city at your discretion. All the casino asks is that you make a gift to a charity of the casino’s choice. Remember to give your dealer a tip.

4. Pyongyang Casino, Pyongyang, North Korea

North Korea’s Casino Pyongyang is worthy of note. It is, in fact, one of North Korea’s two casinos, and it caters to Chinese visitors. A Chinese company owns and operates the casino. North Koreans, however, are not permitted to bet. North Koreans, in fact, are barred from entering the casino. Furthermore, all casino staff are foreigners from nations that are favorable to the rogue state.

Surprisingly, the casino welcomes all international visitors and facilitates money exchange in both US dollars and British pounds. This casino is also located in a hidden nook of the Yanggakdo International Hotel in Pyongyang. You may play table games, slots, and poker till 3 a.m. seven days a week as a tourist.

Many of the casino’s workers commit suicide on a regular basis. The ball is now in your court.

5. Full VR Casino, Anywhere, Anytime

There isn’t one. Yes, this casino does not exist in the real world. So, where do players put their efforts? The Slots Million casino’s VR casino is a unique concept. It is, without a doubt, a legitimate casino where players may engage in a realistic casino game for real money. You may even play this casino from anywhere by putting on your Oculus VR headset and being transported to the casino floor.

You may connect with other guests and dealers, as well as play whatever casino game you like, which is a pleasant aspect of our casino. There are also a number of table games and slot machines accessible at this casino. 

6. Coober Pedy, Australia’s Desert Cave Hotel

The Desert cave hotel, carved out of the rocky topography of the Australian desert, is one of the world’s most distinctive and isolated gaming settings. Have you ever considered playing a card game underground? Let’s go to Coober Pedy in the Australian outback, where it all began. When opal was discovered in 1915, the town was formed.

Opal is a beautiful precious stone that reflects a variety of hues when exposed to light.

Coober Pedy is now known as the world’s opal capital, with around 60% of its residents living underground owing to harsh weather. As a result, the Desert Cave Hotel and Casino was built in the 1980s and finished in 1988. 

There are both underground and above-ground constructions in the hotel. As a result, visitors have the freedom to sleep anywhere they like. There are 19 subterranean rooms at the hotel, as well as underground restaurants, bars, a spa, and a retail area. There’s also an underground gaming area where you may play whatever casino game you choose.


Casin di Venezia is a casino in Venice, Italy.

Welcome to the world’s oldest known casino. Italy, as we all know, has a diverse and lively culture that includes various current civilizations. Because of its deep-rooted architecture and distinctive canal system, Venice is often regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Indeed, we suggest this casino to everyone looking for a unique experience. There are hundreds of different slot machines to pick from, as well as dozens of various card games. In this old casino, find your own piece of Italy.

Surprisingly, casino players have been making bets and registering losses at this casino for almost 400 years.

8. Hope Bay, Antarctica’s Esperanza Base

The team is housed in Esperanza Base casino, which is located on Antarctica’s bleak tundra. This casino was built by an Argentinian team of scientists and support personnel. It is, without a doubt, one of the world’s most isolated casinos.

9. Somerset, UK’s North Cadbury Court

Have you ever considered a casino in a basement? This is your opportunity to find one. North Cadbury Court, with its stone architecture and British hills, is a unique and typical casino that can seat roughly 30 players. Unfortunately, this casino is closed to the general public. You must book the full facility for a private event or invite any similar gatherings to have entry to this casino.

Professional croupiers may be found at this casino, ready to spin an intimate game of roulette. Other games, including as Blackjack and poker, are also accessible.

Other unusual casinos throughout the globe include:

  • The Technicolor Casino in Malaysia
  • In the frozen tundra, there’s a casino in a church.

The World’s Strangest Casinos


The oddest casinos in the planet. Every nation has its own form of casino. Indeed, with technological advancements, we may witness more unusual casinos in the future. Furthermore, all that is required is a will to learn. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number 1 casino in the world?

A: The number 1 casino in the world is Slotland Casino.

What is the fanciest casino in the world?

A: The most expensive casino in the world is Wynn Las Vegas.

Who is the worlds greatest gambler?

A: If you are talking about who is the best gambler, that would be somebody like Phil Ivey or Mike Tyson. However, if you were asking who was the most dangerous and skilled player at a particular game of poker such as Texas Holdem, then it would be Johnny Chan

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